Mixed Martial Arts Gym – What to drill for success?

Drilling properly is a key ingredient to finding success in and out of your Mixed Martial Arts Gym.

What you do inside your Mixed Martial Arts Gym will carry into competition.

Everyone in the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu community is talking about drilling for success but, how do you determine what you need to drill for in your Mixed Martial Arts Gym to find success?

This article is for intermediate and Advanced Mixed Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai and any other Combat Sports practitioner.  Sparring is not recommended for beginners.

Let’s start by saying every training day must serve a purpose.  To progress at a fast pace, you cannot just show up to train without looking to train something specifically.  If you are working closely with a coach inside your Mixed Martial Arts Gym, he/she may already have a plan that they are using to mold you in a specific way.  If you train in a Mixed Martial Arts Gym or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gym that has larger class settings then you yourself must create your plan.  It all begins with studying your sparring sessions.  Where do you struggle?  Do you get crushed with the jab when you try to close the distance?  Do your kicks suck? Do you get taken down with ease every time you spar?  Do you frequently get tapped from the back?  Do get stuck in a particular guard and have difficulty passing?  These are the types of questions that you have to be asking yourself when you train.  Look for the patterns in your game and determine what needs to be improved most and start there.

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Next week I’m going to get into how to train and drill for success.  So, this week I want you to figure out what to drill.

I want you to grab a notebook and a pen and bring it to class with you every day this week. Every time something “bad” happens in a training session, I want you to write it down.  Some things that I consider “bad” are:

  • Getting hit really hard (note the strike – jab, hook, head kick etc)
  • Not being able to land any strikes on someone (note what movements they are using to avoid you)
  • Getting taken down (note the takedown and how it was set up)
  • Failing to finish a takedown
  • Getting caught in a submission (note the sub and the position)
  • Getting stuck in a position for a long time
  • Failed sweep attempt
  • Failed Guard Pass attempt

Once you’ve compiled the list for the week, look at the “bad” things that happen the most.  That is your training pattern that needs the most improvement.  Now you know what to work on specifically and you can start drilling and training towards overcoming that issue.