MMA Drills vs MMA Sparring

Is it better to practice MMA Drills or do more MMA Sparring?

The answer is both.  MMA Drills and MMA Sparring are absolutely essential to the development of your technique.

MMA Drills allow you to perfect the technical side of the a specific movement allowing you to make tweaks and get lots of repetition in an extremely controlled environment while MMA Sparring helps you with your timing, range, toughness and more.

Drilling is one of the most undervalued yet extremely important things you can do to improve at MMA quickly.  However, I would say that many of my students over the years are overly anxious to get in there and bang.  The problem with that is it leads to injury and it’s much harder to develop real technique under duress.

I didn’t realize how important drilling is until many years after I began training.  A quote I frequently use when teaching is, “Repetition is the mother of all Skill.”  Malcomb Gladwell explained this in detail in his book Outliers.  He said that to truly become a master of something you must spend 10,000 hours or do 10,000 repetitions of a particular task.

Repetitions are without a doubt the one of if not the most important thing you can do to improve QUICKLY in Mixed Martial Arts.

The best way to do MMA Drills is to work with a partner close to your skill level.  Determine a particular move or combo you want to and Rep it out – do it over and over.  So, for example let’s say your working on something simple like dropping under a hook & hitting a double leg.  To drill that properly, you would grab a timer and set it for 6 min and your partner and you can alternate rounds back and forth drilling just that one move over and over.  Typically, I only have an hour at a time to drill so, my partner and I only get 30 min a piece but, if you have 2 or 3 hours that’s even better.  If you have less time to do MMA Drills, you can always pick a striking combo and hit it on the bag by yourself for a half hour straight.

Start your MMA Drills today my friends.  Get busy and stick with it for at least 30 days.  After that, you’ll see such a drastic change that you won’t give it up for anything.

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