Gentry’s MMA & Fitness Buford opening is April Fools joke.

Gentry’s MMA & Fitness Buford opening is one big April Fools joke.  Not really…. but, we really aren’t opening today.

Unfortunately, we ran into some permitting issues with the City of Buford so, our move has been postponed.

Currently, we have our permits and construction has begun.  We at Gentry’s MMA & Fitness are hesitant to give a new opening date until after we have our final inspections.  Our goal is to open our new Buford location in the first half of May.

That said, we are still rocking our full MMA schedule at our Lawrenceville location.

Some people have asked if we are still offering our pre-opening sale.  The answer is yes and no.  We still have a sale going on but, the one that we said was over in March is over.  The new sale is $1 and 15% off of all memberships.

A few people who took advantage of the first pre-opening sale have asked if we are going to start their billing today even though we are not opening.  The answer is no.  We are not going to charge you for MMA training in a location that’s not open yet. We have postponed all pre-opening sale billing until we are actually open.

As an added bonus – those that took advantage of the pre-opening sale are now welcome to come train MMA & Fitness at our Lawrenceville location until we move to Buford.

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