What Fitness Classes does Gentry's MMA & Fitness offer???

What Fitness Classes does Gentry’s MMA & Fitness offer???

Lot’s of people have been asking about the types of Fitness Classes that Gentry’s MMA & Fitness is offering so, we want to break em’ down for you.

Gentry’s MMA & Fitness offers 4 different Fitness Classes and they are as follows:

Energy Boxing – Energy Boxing is one of our most popular Fitness Classes.  It’s like Cardio Kickboxing but, much cooler.  We used to offer a Cardio Kickboxing Class but, after a few surveys we found that the majority of people really like to hit stuff but, didn’t especially want the bruises on their legs that you can get from “Real Deal” Cardio Kickboxing Fitness Classes.  And, by “Real Deal”, I mean that the class is taught by a legitimate kickboxing professional and your actually kicking a bag or a pad instead of the air.  That said, we now do Energy Boxing!  In these Fitness Classes you will work with medicine balls and your body weight for resistance muscle toning exercises and of course burn up to 900 calories punching the bag.  This class is taught be a “Real Deal” Boxer that will be able to teach you proper form along with giving you an excellent workout.

Women’s Only Boot Camp – This Fitness Classes is taught by women for women.  The exercise and camaraderie of this class make it the winner that it is!!  You will work with medicine balls, dumbells, kettlebells, plyo boxes, ropes and various other alternative type equipment to get that lean mean bikini body that you’ve been wanting in no time.

 GFX 101 – GFX 101 is our introduction to GFX but, don’t be mistaken, this class is a solid workout too.  The purpose of the class is to teach you how to do Olympic Lifts properly without injuring yourself.  The number 1 cause of injury in lifting is BAD FORM.  We reduce the risk of injury from bad form by teaching you in a very controlled environment how to lift properly.  A typical GFX 101 class will start with a warm-up and then you will get right into the Olympic Lift for the day.  Using super light weight, you will learn the proper technique by doing multiple reps.  The class will then end with core training.

GFX – GFX is the Top of the Food Chain as far as Fitness Classes go.  The exercises and format of this class will vary from day to day but, overall it’s broken up into 3 segments.  1st is the development of Strength and Power.  For this we do multiple sets of 1-5 reps of a particular Olympic Lift.  This segment is done slowly.  The 2nd is the development of Muscle Endurance.  For this we do High Intensity Interval Training Circuits or WOD’s.  The exercises used will vary and so, will the intervals we use.  Sometimes we will do it Tabata Style.  Other times we will do it for max reps or time.  Lastly is the development of Speed and Agility.  This is partially done in the other two segments but, we build on it here by incorporating sprints, agility ladder, hurdle and cone drilling.  We also work on upper body Speed and Agility through a series of top secret techniques.

Gentry’s MMA & Fitness prides itself in offering elite level personal and group fitness training.  If you want to be left alone and are satisfied with the results you’ve been getting, stay where you are but, if you are ready to get real results in a fun environment, come check us out.  Your first workout in one of our Fitness Classes is on me!


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