BJJ Belt promotions

Gentry’s MMA & Fitness just had BJJ Belt Promotions!!

Our Muay Thai 101 Coach, Coach Pat just received his BJJ Blue Belt.

Annnddd… We had 3 additional students test out of BJJ 101 class.  Will, Cherylen and Rondell are now eligible to train with the big boys in the Intermediate/Advanced classes.

I’m looking forward to getting the opportunity to train with these students who’ve worked so hard to move up to the next level.  The Alliance Jiu Jitsu/Gentry’s MMA & Fitness 2 stripe white belt test requires a student to learn 30 techniques.  The techniques include self-defense, takedowns, sweeps, guard passes, escapes and submissions.  I witnessed the GMMA students in the picture above coming in early and staying late for the past 2 weeks preparing for their BJJ tests by drilling reps over and over and it paid off.  Everyone of them aced their test!!!

There were also some tests and stripes awarded to the Jr Gents.  The young bucks in our Children Martial Arts classes are looking good.

At Gentry’s MMA & Fitness we take our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu seriously.  We have a systematic approach used by the Alliance association world wide.  Winning the World Championships 7 time and for the last 5 years in a row isn’t done by chance.  It’s because of our BJJ system.


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