Newbreed Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Tournament

Newbreed Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Tournament

We were planning to go to the Newbreed Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournament as a team but, since we’ve had 3 last minute fights get lined up, most of our adults are going to hold off for Copa.  This way they can be there to support our MMA guys.

That said, our Kids and Teens Brazilian Jiu Jitsu team is still ready to rumble and will be competing at the Newbreed Tournament.

If you are a kid or a parent of a kid competing, all the information can be found at this website:

All students will need to weigh in Friday night or between 7:30 and 9am Saturday morning.

Coach Chavez and Coach Phillipe will be arriving at 10:30 to Coach everyone.  Should you have any questions feel free to message us on Facebook.

On a side note, try to carpool.  The tournament is about an hour from Lawrenceville.

Train hard Jr. Gents and reap your rewards.


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