Buford Move Update – Gentry’s MMA & Fitness

Please read this in it’s entirety.  There’s is pertinent information in this post for all those involved with Gentry’s MMA and Fitness regardless of whether or not your helping us with the move.

That said, we’ve been getting tons of emails, texts and Facebook messages from members and friends wanting to help with the move.

Most are asking what they can do and when so, here’s our plan:

Friday May 24th @ 5pm, we will be at the Lawrenceville location packing things up.

Saturday May 25th @ 11am we will be at the Lawrenceville location with as many trucks as possible to load everything up and move it to the Buford location.  The idea is just to get everything out of our old building and in to the new one with enough time to shower before we go watch the UFC at Tilted Kilt. We have running water and showers at our new location so, if you need to, you can shower there.

Sunday May 26th @ 1pm we will meet back at our Lawrenceville location to load any remaining items in the U-Haul truck I have reserved and move it to Buford.  Then we’ll start unpacking and setting everything up.

Monday May 27th @ 2pm we’ll continue the set up at the new location and begin to clean.  Unfortunately, we won’t be able to open Mon because the contractor failed an inspection yesterday due to the gym flooding last Sunday and not having enough time to get everything knocked out in time.  The good news is we are going to do a top secret super secret training session with our current members that are helping us out over the weekend.  Okay, so it’s not much of a secret but, we’re going to train.

Tuesday May 28th @ 10am if I did everything right and my contractor pulls through, we will get our Certificate of Occupancy which will allow me to get my business license from the City of Buford in  time for us to officially open for business at 4pm that day.



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