New 7AM BJJ Classes

New 7AM BJJ Classes.

Today was the third day of our 7AM BJJ Classes and I’ve received multiple messages on how awesome it was.

The 7AM BJJ Classes also known as the Executive BJJ Class is a fantastic way to get your day started.

This is one of our ALL Levels classes which means that the training is set up so, that advanced students and beginners alike can gain. Today’s class was a great mix of some of our top competitors along with some brand new students.

7AM BJJ Classes

7AM BJJ Classes

The class is structured so that the technique, drills and specific training can be attained in the hour between 7AM and 8AM.  At 8AM, everyone that needs to leave for work can do so.  All those that have a more flexible schedule and are 2 stripe white belts or higher can stay and participate in live sparring from 8 – 8:30.

Because of the time constraints of an early morning class, there is no fluff here. The class starts with Jiu Jitsu specific drilling for the warm up.  The warm up techniques are very basic necessities for all levels of Jiu Jitsu practitioners.  Some common examples are armbars from the mount or guard, hip escaping and recomposing the guard, torreando passes, armdrags, leg drags, hip sweeps, spider guard maintenance drills, spider guard break and pass drills and much much more. We pride ourselves in having some of the best most applicable drills for BJJ Classes around.

Following the warm up, we’ll go over 1 technique and a variation if applicable and drill that for a little bit. The instructor will answer any questions and make sure that everyone understands and is able to do the move.

Following techniques, is usually what we call “Specific Training”.  Specific Training pretty much is what it sounds like.  We start in a very specific position like half guard for example and train from there with a very specific goal in mind.  In the half guard example, we may be looking to sweep or pass.  Just like our warm up drills, we have many many Specific Training drills that challenge the students in our BJJ Classes in numerous positions with varying goals.

The Specific Training is the last part of the hour long BJJ Classes.  After that, some of our more advanced students stick around for some additional sparring.

To learn more about our Executive BJJ Class, give us a call at 770-277-8741.

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