Top 3 MMA Fighters getting it on April 20th

Top 3 MMA Fighters getting it on April 20th.

3 of Gentry’s MMA and Fitness’ finest are fighting at the Harley Davidson event in Cartersville next Sat.

If you haven’t been to this event before, lemme give you the low down.  Cartersville is a hike from Lawrenceville or Buford but, totally worth it.  At 3pm there’s a bikini contest followed by the MMA fights at 6.

The whole event is outdoors and is family friendly.  There is food and beverages (including beer), lots of cool motorcycles and fun stuff to do for everyone.  Not to mention tickets are only $25.

The 3 MMA fighters we have matched up are:

Alen “M1” Mulahmetovic

“Magic” Mike Cantrell

Jared “My Bad” Gooden

All three guys have been training hard and are ready to represent Gentry’s MMA and Fitness to it’s fullest.

A little back story on each of our fighters….

Jared “My Bad” Gooden is a 0-1 amateur fighting at 170 lbs.  He lost his first fight by decision to a really tough wrestler.  Since then he’s rededicated himself to his training and has massively improved including winning double gold at a recent BJJ tournament.  In addition he received his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Blue Belt.

“Magic” Mike Cantrell is now 1-1.  He to lost his debut MMA fight to a decision but, then came back for his second fight and won via submission in the 1st round.  Mike also recently received his BJJ Blue Belt and is ready for another win.

Alen “M1” Mulahmetovic has been on a tear since his career started and is now 3-0 and the top 5 ranked amateur in his division in the state.  Having a strong background in wrestling it was easy for Coach Phillipe to add Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to his game and make him a formidable opponent for any MMA fighter.  He has won all 3 of his fights via submission – Armbar, Armbar and Americana.  This is “M1″s 1st Advanced Ammy fight so, he can now punch his opponent in the face while on the ground…. Watch out.

If “M1” wins this MMA fight, we will be fighting for the 135 lb MMA belt in Athens this June.  Stay Tuned…..