Fitness Classes are blowing up

Our Fitness Classes are blowing up!!

Both our GFX (Circuit Training) and Fitness Kickboxing/Fitness Boxing Fitness Classes are growing by leaps and bounds and the workouts have been phenomenal.

At least once every other day since we moved to our new location in Buford GA a student contacts me complimenting our trainers in the Fitness Classes.

The last testimonial I received was about Leechelle Lee. The student said that she is perfectly balanced. At first I was a little confused by this statement but, the student cleared up by confusion by going on to say that Lee pushes her past where she would normally push herself if she was doing her own workout program but, not too far.

I asked the student what “too far” meant to her. She replied with, “Ya know, where I hurt or can’t function the next day”.

I can’t tell you how glad I was to hear that. There are many trainers out there that think their mission in life is to make their client puke or show their client how sore they can make them. Matter of fact, there is a Workout Program that’s mascot is Pukey the Clown.

Lemme tell ya, it’s not healthy to puke when you work out. If you are puking every time you work out there is something wrong.

The other day I saw someone in Chipotle with their gym T-Shirt on. Their slogan was “Walk in and Crawl Out”. Again, Lemme tell ya, that’s not healthy. There are many ways to workout and generate great results that create a level of exhaustion where one needs to “Crawl Out” of the gym.

Don’t get me wrong… it’s important to be pushed in your Fitness Classes. It’s important to sweat. It’s important push past the point where you might quit on your own. It’s important to challenge yourself. Annnnd, you will be a little sore.

BUT, balance is also important.

I encourage anyone that is looking to lose weight, increase lean muscle or become more functionally fit in general or for a specific purpose to come try one of our Fitness Classes. If you’ve been working out by taking complex Olympic Lifts and doing them as fast as possible until you are either injured or bored you need to try our Fitness Program. If you have been paying a trainer a ton of money and getting mediocre results, you need to try our Fitness Program. If your Group Fitness class encourages you to be finished with the workout in less than 10 minutes, you need to our Fitness Classes.

The best part is you can try them for FREE! Give us a call at 770.277-8741 to set up your FREE trial class.

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