MMA fights this Sat

MMA fights at the NFC Harley Davidson this Sat April 20, 2013 update.

First, we are down to 2 MMA Fighters on this card.  “Magic” Mike Cantrell’s opponent was forced to drop out due to broken ribs or something like that.

Alen “M1” Mulahmetovic and Jared “My Bad” Gooden are still on though.  They both have been training hard and are ready to step into the MMA cage this weekend to showcase their skills.

The MMA event itself will take place at the Harley Davidson of Cartersville and the address is: 2281 Highway 411 NE. Cartersville, GA 30121.  Basically, just go up 75 past Kennesaw, then Acworth and boom, you’re in Cartersville.  The trip from Lawrenceville or Buford GA should take about an hour.

The whole day will be packed with cool bikes, vendors and food and will be open to all ages.  At 3pm you may or may not want to cover your child’s eyes for the Bikini Contest.  Following the Bikini contest is the MMA fights and they will start at 6pm sharp (or so the promoter says).

As of now there are 7 fights scheduled.  The first one is Muay Thai and the remaining 6 are MMA.

Jared “My Bad” Gooden will be the second fight and Alen “M1” Mulahmetovic will be the 6th.  It gets dark around 8pm this time of year so, I imagine they will shoot to have the majority of this fight wrapped up by then or shortly after.

Lord knows I want to get back to my side of town in time to watch the UFC on Fox that night.  This MMA card is STACKED!!!

As a quick heads up, you should know that the high on Sat is supposed to be 66 degrees so I imagine that it will be in the 50’s by the time “M1” fights so be sure to bring a jacket or better yet…. rock a Gentry’s MMA hoodie.

I’ll see everyone there and if you have any additional questions, shoot us a message on Facebook.


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