Childrens Martial Arts Classes – Our kids crushed it this weekend

Our BJJ students from the Childrens Martial Arts Classes crushed it this weekend.

We brought 5 Kids from our Childrens Martial Arts Classes to NAGA this weekend and came back to Buford with 9 medals.

Every single Child from Gentry’s MMA & Fitness Buford Jr Gents Childrens Martial Arts Classes medalled in every division they fought in.

Our Jr Gents class is an advanced class for children where we teach Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai in Buford GA.  Our Kids train super hard and their hard work pays off.

This weekend was NAGA, which is the largest Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournament for Children in Georgia.        We put together a small squad of 5 youngens and went to battle.

First up was Riley who cleaned up in his NoGi division winning first place.  Later in the Gi he had an accident when going for the takedown and his arm got strained a little forcing him to accept 2nd place.

Riley’s brother Jacob made waves as well winning the silver medal in both Gi and NoGi.  He was outsized in his finals matches by quite a bit but, he hung in there anyway showing great technique.

Next up was Flame.  This kid really surprised me this weekend.  It was Flame’s first time ever competing and he put it on a dude that outweighed him by 36 pounds.  Flame put him in 2 armbars and a triangle choke but, the kid was tough and didn’t tap.  So, Flame won 8-2 in the finals of NoGi.  He got second in the Gi.

We moved Tyler up to the intermediate division this time and he showed what being a champion is all about. He lost via refs decisions in the finals of his nogi division and he was upset and discouraged but, fought through it and stepped on the mat of his Gi division with a positive attitude.  In the finals he faced the same kid that beat him in nogi and quickly found himself down by 6 with less than 2 minutes left on the clock.  Instead of breaking down and quitting like most kids would, he fought through and came back to win 10-6 giving him a gold medal in his first time competing in the intermediate division.

Last but, definitely not least was Jason. This is Jason’s third time competing and he hasn’t had the best success in the past. Jason’s story is a story of hard work and perseverance that paid off.  He loves Jiu Jitsu and is always at our Childrens Martial Arts Classes training hard with a big ol’ smile on this face.  This weekend Jason showed what hard work does for you by sweeping through his division without a single point being scored on him.  He looked phenomenal and won his first gold medal with style and grace.

Most importantly, all of the Kids from our Childrens Martial Arts Classes that competed this weekend showed great sportsmanship.  The shook all of the other coaches and opponents hands and were extremely polite to the refs, score keepers and time keepers.

Jiu Jitsu is more than just competing and winning.  It’s way of life.  It’s about bettering ourselves.  the kids in our Childrens Martial Arts Classes put this on full display this weekend.  They deserve to be proud of themselves.  I know I am.

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