Great weekend of BJJ and MMA

Great weekend of BJJ and MMA

WOW, is all I can say after this past weekends BJJ Tournament and MMA Fights.

Gentry’s MMA & Fitness brought 3 children to the Newbreed BJJ Tournament and walked away with 2 golds and 1 silver.

Tyler was impressive winning gold in both his gi and no gi divisions.  Jacob and Riley competed in the gi only.  Jacob looked great winning his silver medal and Riley lost his first match by a close Refs decision.  I’m very proud of all the kids and look forward to seeing them develop.  We have some future beasts on the mat of Gentry’s MMA a& Fitness!!

After wrapping up at the tournament, Chavez and I grabbed a bite to eat in Kennesaw before heading up to the MMA fights in Cartersville.

We arrived at the Harley Davidson Cartersville just in time for the bikini contest.  I still think number 7 should have won but, that’s besides the point.

Pat brought the whole MMA crew with him later in the day.  They all arrived with a strange combination of focused intensity and calm assurance in their eyes.  I knew at that moment that today was going to be a really good day for all of them.

We did the fighters meeting, got wrapped up and started warming up our first of 3 fighters for the night.

Jared Gooden went out first.  He completely man-handled his MMA opponent.  At one point he had him up against the cage holding his head with one hand and hockey uppercutting him with the other.  His opponent was tough though and made it through all 3 rounds.  Jared won a unanimous decision.  The judges scored it  30-27, 30-27 and 30-26.

Next up was Mike Cantrell.  Mike struggled a little in the first round but, found his range for a completely dominate 2nd and 3rd round. He had the opportunity to use all facets of his game including his Muay Thai, Wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  Mike has become an extremely well rounded MMA fighter and has a bright future.

Last was M1.  Mike’s and M1’s story was very similar.  M1’s opponent surprised us by wanting to clinch against the MMA cage, looking for takedowns.  We thought for sure, that he would have preferred to stand than deal with M1’s ground game.  M1 was having problem getting pressed against the cage so, we made some adjustments and decided to shoot under his opponents strikes as he pressed forward.  M1 used this strategy to absolutely dominate rounds 2 and 3 pull out the unanimous decision.

Of course we would have loved finishes but, we are proud that we won our MMA fights.  We didn’t play it safe.  We fought hard and worked to finish at all times.

We appreciate everyone from Gentry’s MMA & Fitness that worked hard to help our fighters prepare for their bouts.  These guys get to carry their winning records around but, they wouldn’t have any of it without the team.  I’m so grateful for our the environment we’ve created at Gentry’s MMA and that everyone is willing to help each other accomplish their goals no matter what they are.



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