Gentry’s MMA & Fitness is 7-0 for the year!!

Congratulations to Mike Cantrell from Buford GA on his MMA victory Friday night.

This puts Gentry’s MMA & Fitness at 7-0 for the year!!

The MMA fighters at Gentry’s are getting better by the day and Mike Cantrell is no exception.

Mike showcased his skills Friday night and won via TKO at 3 min in the 1st.


The MMA fight started with bombs flying.  I’m sure both fighters intended on coming out a little more technical but, nerves created something completely different.  After a few flurries the fight went to the ground where Mike attempted some submissions from the bottom.  His opponent countered and went to pass the guard but, Mike was able to secure an under hook and use it to stand back up.

Another flurry went do and the fighters ended up in the clinch where Mike threw some vicious knees which landed in his opponents liver and dropped him.  Mike hopped and top and did a little ground and pound.  His opponent threw up an armbar and Mike used it to pass and stabilized in side control.  The round ended there.

We all thought that we were going to a round 2 but, the doctor and the ref saw otherwise.  The MMA fight was stopped due to Mike’s opponent’s inability to see correctly.

Mike lost his first fight due to a decision but, has now won 3 in a row including a decision a submission and now a TKO.

He is proving to be a well rounded fighter and we wish him continued success.

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