Alliance Jiu Jitsu wins Brazilian Nationals

Alliance Jiu Jitsu wins Brazilian Nationals.

This past weekend was the Brazilian Nationals in Sao Paulo, Brazil and the Alliance Jiu Jitsu team crushed it.

The Alliance Jiu Jitsu troops rallied some impressive victories winning all 3 categories; Adult Male, Adult Female and Master and Seniors.

Now Alliance has gone 3 for 3 winning all of the top tournaments so far this year.  If Alliance wins Worlds next month, the team will have won the Grand Slam again.

I’ve been a part of Alliance for almost 10 years now and as a student and a teacher in the organization, I can tell you that our success world wide comes from 2 things.  First, is our systems.  No matter what Alliance school you are from, you are taught the same techniques in the same order as a beginner and intermediate student.  All Alliance members are built with a strong foundation.  The second reason for our success is passion.  I’ve never met an Alliance instructor that didn’t love his job.  The passion for developing and teaching is apparent in every Alliance Academy I’ve been in.  There is a special energy on the mats of an Alliance academy that isn’t found in most other places.  Come see for yourself at my Academy in Buford, GA.  We welcome everyone.

One of the greatest leaders and instructors within the Alliance Jiu Jitsu organization is Fabio Gurgel.  Fabio, also called The General has created more Black Belt World Champions than any other coach I know of.  In the picture below you can see The General with all 3 trophy’s from last weekends competition.

Alliance Jiu Jitsu winning Brazileiro


It was a back and forth battle in the Adult Male and the Master and Senior divisions.  Check out the complete results below.

Adulto:Male/ Masc
1 – Alliance – 77
2 – CheckMat – 70
3 – Nova União – 55

Master & Senior:
1 – Alliance – 157
2 – Nova União – 155
3 – Gracie Barra – 142

Feminino:Women adult.
1 – Alliance – 85
2 – Gracie Barra – 60
3 – CheckMat – 30

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