Fitness Classes in Buford GA- What's GFX?

Fitness Classes in Buford GA – What’s GFX?

We frequently get asked a lot of questions about our GFX Fitness Classes in Buford GA.

Some top questions are what does GFX mean and how does it compare to other Fitness Classes in Buford GA?

If you have questions regarding GFX, hopefully you can get your answer here.  I have put a complete list of the top 5 GFX questions and answers below.

  1. Question: What does GFX stand for?  Answer: Gentry’s Fitness Xelerated (accelerated)
  2. Question: Why does it get you in shape faster than other Fitness classes in Buford GA? Answer: GFX was designed by taking the best parts of multiple training philosophy’s and getting rid of the fluff to create a well rounded training program for all levels.  Each GFX Class is broken into 2 phases.  Phase 1 is stabilization and core focused which in itself is a fantastic workout for people that have never trained or are just coming back from an extended time off.  This 1st phase will set you up for injury free success when you progress to phase 2.  More advanced athletes will use Phase 1 as a warm up for the Phase 2.  In Phase 2 we alternate training for strength and power.  Although, this workout was originally designed for our athletes performance, we’ve found that is an Xelerated method to lean, fit and functional bodies.
  3. Question: Is it like Cross Fit? Answer: No. We feel that Cross Fit is dangerous for most people.  Taking complex Olympic lifts and incorporating them into a workout done  for time (as fast as you can) is a recipe for injury.
  4. Question: How long are the classes? Answer: It varies depending on the workout that day but, they are usually 30-50 minutes.
  5. Question: Most gym memberships are $35.  Why does GFX cost $100?  Answer: For a gym like LA fitness, Bally’s or Gold’s, you are paying for access and that cost is usually around $35 (sometimes more or less).  The problem is access doesn’t get you fit.  Most will agree that if you want solid, fast results you need a trainer.  If you were to get personal training at a gym like the one’s mentioned above you would pay $50 (average) a session and need at least 3 sessions a week to get good results.  In this scenario, you would be looking at $600 a month in training plus $35 for access = $635 a month!!  On the other end you have specialist like Cross Fit or Speed and Agility (performance based) training facilities that offer Fitness Classes in Buford GA in a group or private setting and they typically range anywhere from $150-$300 a month.  We offer group classes with 20 people MAX that are taught by professional trainers that are experts in their field for $100.  Compared to the other options, Gentry’s MMA & Fitness’ GFX Class is a steal if you ask me.  For Members who have a Martial Arts only membership, our fitness upgrade is only $20.

If you have any other questions or are ready to get going give us a call – 770.277.8741


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