Sat July 27th BJJ Testing Schedule

Tests, Tests, Tests.  You better eat your Wheaties and have your thinking cap on.  Not really… Wheaties aren’t that good for you but, seriously, have your thinking cap on and be ready for your BJJ test!!!

If you are one of the many students testing to advance out of the BJJ 101 Classes or for your blue, purple or brown belt, here is the schedule:

9 am – Kids BJJ students (the kids need to be ready to go by 9 am).  We suggest that all parents arrive at 8:45 so your kids can be dressed and ready for test time.  Our goal is to  have them tested and their stripes/belts awarded by 10am.

10 am – Adults BJJ Students (the adults need to be ready to go by 9:45 am).  The upper belt tests (Purple and Brown) that are taking place can take quite a while.  We’v prepared properly by having 4 BJJ Coaches there testing but, we’d like to get started as soon as possible.

At the 11 am Advanced BJJ class, we will be introducing our new advanced students to the way we do things, walking the gauntlet and catching up on some birthday rolls.  Be ready to train hard and have a lot of fun.

In regards to the BJJ test itself, you will be expected to get an 90% or higher.  I understand that testing is a little nerve racking so, I’ll give you a chance to correct any mistakes you make.  Typically, I’ll ask, “how about trying that again??”.  If you get it right the second time you will not get marked off.  If I have to give you anymore guidance I will mark you half wrong but, if you get the move completely wrong or can’t think of how to do it at all you will get a zero for that part of the test.

Honestly, I don’t move people up very quickly so, if you are given the opportunity to test, you should know all of the questions anyway.  Just be confident in your technique and show me that I was 100% correct in believing that you are ready to rock a new color BJJ belt around your waist.

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