Houdini Week – MMA in Buford

This week is “Houdini Week” – Gentry’s MMA in Buford

Many people consider Harry Houdini as the greatest escape artist alive.  From an early age, Harry knew his calling.  He started performing at the age of 9 but, with little success. He didn’t find his big break until 1899 when he met a manager that suggested that Harry focus on being an escape artist. In 1900 Harry toured Europe dazzling people with his amazing escapes and quickly became known as the “Hand Cuff King”.  Over his life he broke out of numerous supposedly inescapable situations…everything from handcuffs to being buried alive.  And my bet is, if there was anyone that could escape a triangle, armbar or omoplata in MMA in Buford, it was Harry.

Houdini Week - MMA in Buford

Starting this Monday at Gentry’s MMA in Buford we’re going to be turning you into an escape artist too during “Houdini Week”.

We can’t promise that you will be able to escape from the grave or even handcuffs, and as a matter of fact we ask that you don’t try.  BUT…. by the end of the week you will be able to escape from all kinds of other really bad situations including numerous submission and bad positions.  And, just as Harry Houdini was able to profit from these bad situations, you will learn counters that will give you a major advantage against the competition.

In all martial arts classes this week at Gentry’s MMA in Buford, we will be focusing on escapes and counters.  Some of the submissions you learn to escape from are; the Armbar, Omoplata, Triangle, Darce, Guillotine, Kimura, Americana, Kneebar, Toe Hold, Heel Hook.  In addition you will learn how to escape from side, mount, back, knee in belly, north south and 50/50.  In Muay Thai class, you will learn how to escape from the devastating Thai Clinch, and defend and counter against many of the most common strikes.  We’ll also be learning defenses and counters to the most common takedowns in all the MMA in Buford Classes.

If you’ve ever been caught in a bad situation (all of us), we encourage you to join us at Gentry’s MMA in Buford “Houdini Week”.

If you are not a member of Gentry’s MMA & Fitness, we encourage you to take advantage of our free trial by calling 770.277.8741 right now!!  Check out our testimonials online and see how our programs are helping others lose weight, gain muscle, improve sports performance and/or become champions in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts.  We are conveniently located in Buford GA, a half mile from the Mall of GA and serve all of Buford, Lawrenceville, Sugar Hill, Hamilton Mill, Dacula, Suwanee, Cumming and Flowery Branch.

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