Children Martial Arts Workshop

The Children Martial Arts workshop this past weekend was a blast!!

Children Martial Arts Workshop

Children Martial Arts Workshop

Everyone here learned many of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu’s best techniques in dealing with bullies.  The funny thing is, most people think that BJJ is only good after the bully has already started bullying a child but, the truth is far from that.  In reality, Children Martial Arts and specifically, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gives your child tools to defeat the bully before the bullying begins.  At Gentry’s MMA & Fitness in Buford GA, we call these techniques “Bully Repellent”!

Bullies really don’t want a challenge.  They are looking for who they believe to be easy targets.  So, one of the biggest things we teach in our Children Martial Arts program here is how to use posture, eye contact and words to deter a bully from even wanting to mess with us in the first place.

Just like anything in this world, practice makes perfect.  It’s easy to theorize about how to carry yourself.  We actually practice it.  Standing up straight, making eye contact, smiling and having a firm handshake are all things that are practiced at GMMAF on top of really cool bully buster techniques.

So, after we did some fun warm-ups and practiced our posturing we got into the 4 Rules of Engagement and the 3 “T’s”.  This is the stuff I was talking about in a previous letter that gives your child a real deal blueprint on how to deal with bullies without getting suspended from school.

No good Children Martial Arts program does a bunch of talk and no action. Even though rule #1 in our 4 Rules of Engagement is Avoid a Fight if at all Possible, there are sometimes situations where we absolutely must use force.  In these instances there is no better tool to have than Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  So, the last part of the Workshop was 100% focused on teaching the kids real world techniques that could be used in an attack.

After it was all said and done with, I have to say I was stoked.  Many of the kids at the workshop had never done BJJ in their life but by the end of the training workshop, they were able to take each other down and apply 2 different submissions.

It was awesome!!!

If you’re interested in having your child participate in our next Workshop give us a call at 770-.277.8741

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