Kickboxing in Buford

Kickboxing in Buford

If you are looking to revamp your cardio routine, come and try out Kickboxing in Buford, at Gentry’s MMA & Fitness.  Our class for Kickboxing in Buford, is a great change from the usual treadmill workout.  Unlike the treadmill, Kickboxing is much more dynamic, the entire body is incorporated.  When running on a treadmill you are engaging in a monotonous, repetitive motion.  You are mainly working your quadriceps and calves.  When minimal muscles are used, like when running on the treadmill, the harder it is, and the longer it takes to burn calories.  Because of this many people, get bored quickly and have a hard time maintaining their workout, when it comes to the treadmill.  Though the treadmill does have the benefits of ease of use, and will build cardiovascular strength and endurance- If you can’t stick with it, it won’t do any good.

Our Kickboxing in Buford, blends cardio and strength, in intense bursts, to maximize calorie burn.  Kickboxing helps to hone strength, cardiovascular health, power, agility and coordination.  It is a full body workout, incorporating punching, kicking, drills of various kinds, and for added intensity heavy bag work.  No class is ever the same, so there is no risk of boredom!  Like the treadmill you strengthen your heart, but with Kickboxing, you are met with the added benefits of the interval training.  When Kickboxing, your heart rate goes up and down and may even come to a resting rate.  The rapid changes in intensity actually help strengthen the heart more effectively, making your heart able to engage and sustain you in every level of intensity for everyday life.

When you come to Gentry’s MMA & Fitness, Kickboxing Class, you will see that it is a total body, full cardio workout.  You will build and sculpt lean muscle, and blast fat!  Enjoy the benefits of Coaches who are dedicated in teaching, and encouraging you to reach your fullest potential.  They are always committed to success and helping you meet your fitness goals.  The energy from working out in a group setting makes it fun, as well as builds a sense of accountability.  Seeing others put in the work, helps to motivate others.  And making your body work is what Kickboxing in Buford, offers.  It is a challenge, but you will burn more calories the more muscle you build. The interval training of Kickboxing allows you to push and strengthen your muscles, while burning up more fat than you could on the treadmill in the same allotted time.

Kickboxing in Buford– Put in the work and get it done faster, become a stronger, leaner, more confident you, at Gentry’s MMA & Fitness!

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