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Often times – for many people – a Personal Trainer might be somebody who just gives them a scripted exercise routine that is specific to their need and goals. The thing that people often do not consider is precisely the fact that having a good routine or regimen does not always mean that you will actually adhere to it. If you’ve ever heard of the “Transtheoretical Model of Behavior Change” – it is an assessment of your inclination to act on a new healthier behavior- it also provides a process in which you will adjust your mindset to one that is supportive of a healthy and active lifestyle which is maintained by consistency.  The consistency and motivation that the best Personal Trainers in Buford will help you attain.


If you desire to get into shape, or if you are not happy with where your current fitness progress is, I want you to pay attention to this study that was presented in academic research to provide proof of the efficiency of Personal Trainers in Buford.

The Five Phases Of Fitness:

  1. First: Pre-Vision. You want it, but don’t intend to achieve it
  2. Second: Vision. You are considering the change
  3. Third: Preparation. You are getting ready to make the change
  4. Fourth: Action. You are now temporarily engaged in fitness activities
  5. Fifth: Maintenance. Now you are sustaining your fitness over time


In a preferable situation – and if possible – you’d meet with your Personal Trainer once a week with help on:

  • -Determining the actual fitness activity
  • -Determining the barriers
  • -Maintaining Fitness Support Systems
  • -Goal Setting
  • -Preventing relapse
  • -Suggestions specific to your fitness activities


The fascinating part was that the effectiveness of the trainer’s routines weren’t being tested– the study was on how good the Personal Trainers  were at getting you to follow your routine, set by the Transtheoretical Model of Behavior Change! So the results had less to do with their action plans for you personally – and more to do with their relationship with you and how they were able to change your behavior and overall outlook towards the action plan, itself!


Personal Trainers in Buford

Personal Trainers in Buford

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