BJJ Drills From Home Series (Technical Stand) – BJJ Training Classes Near Suwanee

We are continuing with our Drilling Series for people interested in BJJ Training Classes Near Suwanee!

Like we mentioned in our “Shrimping” Series Blog, when you are first startingd to BJJ Training Classes Near Suwanee, you will find many techniques that are difficult to initially grasp.So much so, that even some of the basic BJJ drills we use to warm-up at the beginning of classes will have you feeling awkward, and sometimes uncoordinated. But there is good news for you: this is completely natural!!

The truth is: the majority of everyone that has trained BJJ has gone through exactly what you’re going through! And it’s because your body just isn’t used to moving in certain ways so your muscle memory has yet to be trained for BJJ. But again – this is the good news: this completely okay – there is a process that you are getting into when you first start with BJJ Training Classes Near Suwanee – and we make an emphasis on easing you into that process.


So, we are going to be just like all those teachers you used to hate in school – but as an adult, maybe you are realizing that they weren’t doing it to be cruel. In fact – they were helping you! We’re going to assign you with – *GASP* –  HOMEWORK! Just like with anything you’ve wanted to learn and progress at you just need to work a little extra at. Homework is what instills the work ethic and discipline in you that we want to instill in you when you train with us in our BJJ Training Classes near Suwanee! That’s right. Your teachers knew that if you practiced your words/math/etc more everyday, even when you were not in school, you were going to progress. And so, you would be a better student for them to help your potential further blossom!

And this is the crux in which I’m writing you about today in our BJJ Drills From Home Series with regard to your Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training!

If you consistently do your ‘homework’ for  BJJ, you will find yourself progressing in your training and rolling, understanding technique better and being able to execute it more naturally.


With that said, it’s time for the second installment of the BJJ Drills From Home Series of important fundamental techniques you should be doing at home to help progress for your BJJ Training Classes Near Suwanee:

Technical Stand. (Simple to do – and another one where we are correcting our typical muscle memory…this one gets so much smoother after you drill it a bunch of times!)


TIP: You have to remember that you are doing exactly what the technique says you are doing: STANDING – TECHNICALLY. A couple of real important details you want to remember is that whatever side your straight leg is (the one keeping your imaginary opponent at distance) is the same side that your straight arm should be on the mats.So, for example- if it’s your right leg kicking straight out, it should be your right hand that is straight behind you on the mat. Another important detail: that hand on the mat? The fingers should be pointed backward. Lastly, when you stand, you want a solid base. Therefore, don’t stand into a split – and don’t stand with your feet too close together either. You have to imagine that your imaginary opponent is trying to ‘rush’ you as you do your technical stand – therefore, that foot has to stand up in such a solid base that you can withstand someone trying to knock you back over. Balance is KEY!

BJJ Training Classes near Suwanee

BJJ Training Classes near Suwanee

The drills that we will be talking about are all very manageable drills that you can do to help elevate your learning process! Try them out! Many of them, you can even do while watching TV.

Let us know how these help your BJJ progress!

Now, go do your homework! – Then come train with us in our BJJ Training Classes near Suwanee!

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