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Whether you found us by searching our Buford MMA Gyms or not, we want you to have a great learning experience from these blogs and hopefully they encourage you to train hard and come check us out in Buford, Georgia!


This is an ongoing series that we are running for BJJ Drills From Home. The emphasis for these blogs is to hopefully reinforce the discipline that your work shouldn’t stop at the gym. You can go home and, even on your ‘off’ days…or perhaps ‘sick’ days, you can continue some BJJ Drills in order to keep your mind fresh and your body sharp! As the best Buford MMA Gyms out there period, we are invested in making YOU better!

If you haven’t seen the previous BJJ Drills that we’ve detailed out, take a moment and check out these simple at-home BJJ Drills that you can do:


Technical Stand

So, do you see the theme we’re going with here? We’re starting with the sound fundamental techniques that you will need to perform so many different Brazilian Jiu Jitsu techniques! Without these, some more ‘advanced’ techniques will feel too difficult to accomplish.


We will be continuing with some more base-fundamental BJJ Drilling From Home techniques for you – but, for today, I wanted to throw out a more challenging one that will take you some time. So, trust me when I say: If you don’t get this one down for a while – don’t get discouraged – this can be a very difficult drill! I had been training as Buford MMA Gyms for a long time before my body finally felt like it ‘got’ this technique & drill!

Without further adieu, the Home Drilling technique for today is:

Invert. (This is a little tougher, especially if you’re not that flexible. I like to use the wall as a helping guide until I have it down. Then you can add it on the end of your shrimps. Don’t be discouraged if the first 50 times you do this, it sucks. It will indeed come with time!)


TIP: This isn’t a backwards roll (we’ll get into those drills during this series very soon!) – so, think of it this way: if you’re legs are facing the TV when you start (pretend for a moment that it is your opponent), then when you complete the drill – your legs should STILL be facing your opponent (the television). Trust me when I instist that you do not become discouraged by this one…just have fun with it for now – it will click eventually. There are many that have been training in Buford MMA Gyms for a very long time. And – to this day – still struggle with it.

More flexible guys will feel this easier….less flexible, it will be more of a challenge. But it is not…I repeat…NOT impossible. Keep working!

Buford MMA Gyms

Buford MMA Gyms

Stay tuned for the next installment of BJJ Drills From Home, as we get back to some of the basics for you guys. In the meantime, have some fun with this one!

Keep an eye out for us as THE Marquee Buford MMA Gym!


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