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I have been competing my whole life.  It hasn’t always been BJJ and MMA in Buford but, I’ve always been a competitor.

From the moment I could run I wanted to race.  Then came team sports and eventually I found my way to BJJ and MMA.

There are tons of reasons to compete whether it’s team sports like Soccer, Football and Basketball or individual sports like Running, BJJ and MMA in Buford

At an early age, I remember enjoying the rush of a race.  In most cases I was racing my Dad or some other adult family member and if I won, it was only because they let me.  None the less, there was a feeling that I got that I loved and I still love today.  At that age I only did it cause I liked it.  It was that simple.  I didn’t care if I won or lost, it was just fun.

As I grew, I joined team sports. Of course, there’s a certain level of nervousness when trying something new but, after I took the first step I realized that I really enjoyed being part of something. Whether playing Soccer or Football my team was like a group of brothers.  This was my first taste of real competition and my goal then was to be the best.  I would spend hours practicing because all I wanted to do was win.

Then I found BJJ and fell in love. Competing individually head to head against someone else was very rewarding.  I like not having to depend on anyone else’s performance to win. It’s entirely up to me and was in direct correlation to the work I put in.  The harder I trained the more successful I would be. For many years, I competed in BJJ and MMA in Buford for the same reasons I competed in team sports.  I wanted to be the best.  I won many titles including the Pan’s in 2009 and am satisfied with what I accomplished.

MMA in Buford

Now that I’m in my mid 30’s and am a business owner, head coach and a family man, I have accepted the fact that a Brown or Black Belt World Championship or MMA Title is not going to be a reality for me. I no longer compete to be the best in the world.

Instead, today I work towards being the best I can be. Constant improvement is the goal.  And, I find the fastest way to improving in any sport is through competition.  Competition makes me feel alive and I enjoy the adventures it brings.

I encourage anyone that is hesitant about competing, to try it. Only a small percentage of people will ever be the best but, there is far more to gain from competition than titles.  Getting out there and putting it on the line is doing way more than what most people will ever do.  You never lose in competition… you either win or learn and grow as a competitor and a person.

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