MMA in Sugar Hill

Gentry’s MMA & Fitness opened in June of 2013 and has quickly grown to incorporate many members from many surrounding cities such as Sugar Hill GA.

Lot’s of people train MMA in Sugar Hill for lots of reasons. The top 3 goals that most members of our members come to us for are as follows:

  • Fitness – The big box, corporate gyms are full of people that are not getting the results they used to from running on the treadmill and are bored to tears with doing 3 sets of 10 reps or whatever the heck they are doing in the very cold and unfriendly weight room.  Even if they don’t know it yet, they would love to have another option and Gentry’s MMA & Fitness offers that option for Sugar Hill residents. Our gym offers a number of fitness options for our members.  You can do our FItX class for strength and conditioning (nothing boring about this) or Fitness Kickboxing for cardio or any of our Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or MMA classes for strength, cardio, coordination and skill development.  The best part is it’s so much that’ll you’ll be excited to hit the gym every day.
  • Self Defense – It would make sense that MMA or the mixture of the most devastating martial arts in the world would be the most useful self defense system around.  At Gentry’s MMA in Sugar Hill, you learn how to mix; Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai and Submission Wrestling to handle yourself against any opponent. This type of training brings a great deal of confidence to many of our members.
  • Competition – There’s no better place in Sugar Hill than Gentry’s to train for competition.  Our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu team has won the World Championships 8 years overall and the last 6 years in a row.  And currently, we have 2 top 5 fighters in the state who have been training with Gentry’s since their very first fight.  Our 101 programs teach you the fundamentals of each art in a safe and controlled environment.  Once your skills have developed and your ready to move up to more advanced MMA in Sugar Hill classes, you will learn how put your skills together in live sparring and eventually take it to the ring or cage.

So, if you’re interested in MMA in Sugar Hill, I encourage you to take advantage of our free trial class where you can experience the training at Gentry’s for yourself and see if it’s for you.

Downtown Sugar Hill is 3.8 miles from our Buford Location.  Come check us out or call at 770.277.8741


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