Benefits of Red Meat – Weight Training in Buford

To all of those who are Weight Training in Buford, do you know the benefits of eating red meat?

Weight Training in Buford

When talking about eating clean and healthy many people bring up the foods: brown rice, broccoli, chicken breast, and tilapia; the favorites for those who are dieting. But what about a good ole’ steak? When people hear steak, they think, “Red meat? Oh no, not for me. It’s not good for my arteries.”  Heart disease, strokes, and diabetes among other things are unfairly brought up when discussing red meat.

But this is not true for all types of red meat. Prior studies failed to distinguish between processed and unprocessed meat. More recent studies have shown that processed red meats (such as bacon, canned ham, and sausages), which contain preservatives, are what lead to cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. Consuming unprocessed red meat does NOT increase the risk for cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

That’s right. Consuming a reasonable amount of unprocessed red meat will NOT give you cancer or heart disease. Take a breather and just let that sink in.

With all that said, why should you consume red meat? Well if you work as hard as we do Weight Training in Buford, then you’re going to want to include red meat (unprocessed that is) in your diet.

Red meat has numerous benefits that not only aids in recovery after Weight Training in Buford but it also helps the overall well-being of your body. Here are six reasons why you should consider adding red meat into your diet:

1.PROTEIN!!!!!! Protein will help rebuild muscle tissue after a hard workout.

2.Vitamin B- helps relieve stress, aid in memory, and reduce the risk for heart-disease. Vitamin B12 is especially important because it is only available through meat products and is responsible for aiding the conversion of carbohydrates into glucose (in Layman’s terms it is responsible for helping you get you more energy), regulating the nervous system, maintaining a healthy digestive system, and keeping hair, skin, and nails healthy.

3.Vitamin D, as most of you know, promotes bone strength which is needed when you’re lifting all that heavy weight.

4.Iron is very important and it is even more important when you are Weight Training in Buford. Iron helps carry oxygen to the muscles which is essential when it comes to weight training. On a side note, it also helps supply our brain with oxygen, but who needs brains when you have big muscles?

5.Zinc goes hand-in-hand with weight training. It plays an important role in anabolic hormone production which will aid your recovery and help you build muscle.

6. It tastes delicious!!! Although this isn’t necessarily a “benefit”, it adds variety to your diet. Everyone who lifts needs a decent amount of protein in their diet. Red meat can come in handy when you are tired of chicken breast or tilapia and vice-versa.

As you can tell from this list above, the addition of red meat into your diet is beneficial to your health whether or not you are weight training in Buford, weight training on your own, or sitting sedentary on your couch (which is not advised).

Keep all this in mind when you are grocery shopping. Maybe next time you pass the meat department you’ll add a nice, lean steak into that shopping cart that is full of chicken breast and tilapia. You will not be disappointed. Happy training to you all!


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