Although there are many Gyms in Buford, few can provide the sort of training and attention that our group personal training program (CrossFit) can provide. Here we will discuss different types of exercises and how they will transform your body into a lean-mean-machine! But first…

How is our gym different from other Gyms in Buford? Well, our gym approaches fitness in a different way. Fitness should not be limited to running on a treadmill or doing 4 sets of 8-12 reps. Instead, it should be fun and done in a way that maximizes results.

Our gym also offers you the same cardio and weight equipment that other Gyms in Buford offer, but that’s not all. We also offer different training programs that you can choose from based on what your goals are.The program that we will discuss today is: CrossFit. This program uses different anaerobic exercises in a fun way to maximize results. Here are a few exercises that are used: Box jumps, dead-lifts, bench pressing, squats, sprints, tire flips, kettle bells and many more.

Gyms in Buford-Weight lifting

 Any high-intensity movement, such as weight-lifting or sprinting, is considered an anaerobic exercise.  Anaerobic is a fancy way of saying “without oxygen/air”. (although it means “without oxygen” there is still oxygen being used for energy albeit very little.)  Anaerobic exercises are so intense that the body relies on the production of lactic acid for energy instead of using oxygen for aerobic respiration. Fun Fact: That build-up of lactic acid is why you feel sore after a hard workout.

The benefits of anaerobic exercises are as follows:

>>Strength and Muscle development: When performing anaerobic exercises, the muscles become fatigued due to the lack of oxygen. Fatiguing the muscles and then allowing them to recover leads to the development of lean muscle which leads to an increase in strength.

>>Fat Burn: This goes hand-in-hand with muscle development. The development of lean muscle will boost the metabolism and burn more calories. This, combined with the calories burned during exercise, will accelerate fat loss.

>>Endurance: Since cells are using very little oxygen for energy, over time the body will become better at utilizing oxygen during workouts. This leads to an improvement in your cardio and respiratory system. Basically, you’ll feel yourself becoming less tired when exercising.


As you can see, it is very beneficial to incorporate anaerobic exercises into your workout regimen. If utilized the correct way, anaerobic exercises can help improve endurance, burn fat, and build muscle. If you are looking for Gyms in Buford or have any questions at all, feel free to call us at 770-277-8741.

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