When making a Workout Fitness Plan, it is important to know what types of exercises to use and when it is time to switch up your routine.

We’ve learned what aerobic and anaerobic exercises are and how they differ, now it is time to incorporate them into a Workout Fitness Plan. So which type of exercise should you use for the best results? Well, the answer is both! Let me provide an example.

Let’s say that Joe, an imaginary person, works out 5 days a week. In his Workout Fitness Plan, Joe does intense anaerobic exercises on days 1,3, and 5. On days 2 and 4, Joe does aerobic exercises. Basically he alternates the days that he does anaerobic and aerobic exercises.

But wait, if anaerobic exercises are more intense, why not just do those 5 days a week? Wouldn’t that give Joe better results? Not exactly….

Since anaerobic exercises are very intense, there needs to be time for recovery. Doing super-intense workouts 5 days a week with no time to rest is the perfect recipe for overtraining. Instead of doing anaerobic exercises all the time, Joe incorporates less intense aerobic exercises into his Workout Fitness Plan in order to have some time to recover. Joe has a pretty good routine going, but when should he switch it up?

This leads me into muscle confusion theory. This theory states that switching up the exercises that you use “confuse” the muscle and it will promote further progress. Don’t let this confuse you (haha); it is important to switch up your routine and use different exercises, but not as frequently as you would think. Let me elaborate.

People think that they should switch to a different exercise as soon as the body adapts to it. However this is inaccurate, because there is still progress that is made once the body has adapted. Switching routines too soon and too frequently can actually hinder progress in the same way that sticking to the same routine does.

Once you see your results and progress stagnate, it is time to mix up your routine and perhaps up the intensity of your workout. This involves adding a few new exercises whiling removing a few old ones from your routine.

Unique exercises that are part of the Workout Fitness Plan

There is no “Perfect Routine” to be found that will get you looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger. (Back in the day; not now) A workout routine will only get you so far before you have to change a few things up. Keep this in mind when your are trying to develop your own Workout Fitness Plan.


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