The Group Personal Training Buford offers is top-notch. It incorporates different lifts, including Olympic lifts, in order to make your workout experience even better.

Lifting weights in the Group Personal Training classes will increase the intensity of the workout which will in turn burn more calories. But that’s not all… lifts such as the squat and dead-lift help with Olympic lifts like the clean and press/jerk and snatch.

Group Personal Training Buford-doing the squat

Some of you may be reluctant to start lifting and even more so when it comes to Olympic lifting. But there is no need to fear. While doing Group Personal Training Buford trainers will be there to make sure you are doing the exercise safely correctly. This will help prevent you from getting injured.

Here are two of the Olympic lifts you might be doing. (Keep in mind that these are not the only lifts that you will be doing.) There are numerous other exercises done while Group Personal Training in Buford.

>>The Clean and Jerk/Press exercise works out the quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, abs, chest, back, forearms, biceps, triceps, and shoulders.

>>The Snatch exercise works out the quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, shoulders, and the gluteus maximus.

Look at all the muscles being used when doing those exercises! They will surely get your heart racing especially if you combine these exercises with the squat and dead-lift. Not only will you burn calories, you will also gain strength and develop speed.

The strength you are developing isn’t just “weight strength”, it is also functional strength. It is the type of power and speed you can use as an athlete. These Olympic lifts will make you more explosive in your movements. You will also gain lean muscle throughout your body since the exercises stimulate multiple muscle groups.

Olympic lifts can benefit you greatly whether you are an athlete or just someone looking to get in a good workout. Give it a try; you can reap its benefits and then brag to your friends about how much you can lift. (Just kidding; don’t be “that guy”) If you have any questions about the Group Personal Training Buford offers; give us a call at 770-277-8741.












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