What magical substance do you think Suwanee MMA Gyms use to refuel their fighters after a long, grueling weight-cut?

Coconut water! (Okay, it isn’t actually “magical”,  but it still does some pretty cool things for our body.) This drink is naturally rich in electrolytes which is extremely helpful to anyone who has an active lifestyle.

Coconut water is also a healthier alternative to other drinks such as sports drinks and soft drinks. It is the perfect thing to drink if you want a tasty drink that is low in calories.

3 Reasons why people training at Suwanee MMA Gyms should drink coconut water:

>> It is a low calorie drink for anyone who remains active. 8 ounces of coconut water amounts to only about 50 calories. This a great for people who want to lose weight.

>> It is a nutrient dense drink. In this natural drink, you get 5 essential electrolytes- calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, and potassium. It is the perfect drink to use to hydrate and to refuel after losing mineral-rich fluids during exercise or weight-cutting (for fighters)

>> There is 4x more potassium present in a serving of coconut water than in a regular sports drink. Potassium keeps your heart healthy and helps your muscles move. Keep in mind that coconut water has less sodium in it compared to a sports drink. So for those who do vigorous exercise daily, you might want to combine coconut water with a sports drink or sodium enriched coconut water to help refuel your body.

Those are reasons why people training at Suwanee MMA Gyms should drink coconut water. I didn’t even go into the non-fitness benefits. Well, here they are- coconut water is great for the skin and can be applied directly. When ingested, it also aids in digestion and has been shown to lower blood pressure.

Suwanee MMA Gyms- Refreshing coconut water

Try it out; it’s some pretty dope stuff!

Gentry’s MMA and Fitness is one of the Suwanee MMA Gyms that provides its members with intense and effective training. That’s why it is important to stay hydrated before training and to rehydrate after training. An easy, low calorie, and delicious way to do that is to drink coconut water!


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