It is of the utmost importance that you clean your boxing gloves after the Suwanee Kickboxing Classes or Muay Thai Classes.

Why you ask? To spare yourself and others of the horrid stench that follows!!!

The stench is caused by a build-up of bacteria that reside inside the glove. That bacteria can get into cuts or scrapes on your hand and cause an infection. The last thing you want is to come home from the Suwanee Kickboxing Classes with smelly and infected hands.

So do yourself and everyone else around you a favor and clean your gloves! Here are a few tips that you can use to get your gloves smelling nice and fresh after working out in the Suwanee Kickboxing Classes

>> First off, don’t put your gloves inside your gym bag after you workout. The warm, damp environment is exactly what the bacteria dwelling inside your glove want. Instead of putting them in your gym bag; just carry them home.

>> Make sure you wipe down your gloves. (inside and out). You can make your own disinfecting mixture by mixing one part of vinegar with two parts of water. After you do that, you can air out your gloves. It is also recommended that you leave them dry near a light source to kill any remaining bacteria.

>> Letting your gloves soak in salt water overnight is also good way to get rid of bacteria.

>> If you are looking for a quick way to get your gloves smelling nice, you can spray your gloves with anti-bacterial spray (such as Lysol) and then hang them out to dry to keep them smelling fresh. But it is always recommended that you wipe them down whenever you can so that you actually kill a majority of the bacteria instead of just masking the odor.

>> Another way to help reduce the odor is to put a sock filled with cedar chips inside your gloves. The sock and cedar will help absorb the odor.

>> If your gloves are extremely smelly and dirty, you can put them in a plastic bag and leave them in your freezer overnight. The cold temperature will kill a lot of the bacteria. Once you remove the gloves, you should let them air out. Then you can use any of these methods above.

Suwanee Kickboxing Classes- Cleaning boxing gloves

Now that you know how to get your gloves clean…go clean them! No one should have to hold their breath while working out in the Suwanee Kickboxing Classes.

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