When embarking on an Exercise Program for Weight Loss, you can expect there to be some running involved. Running is probably the most common way for people to do cardio/aerobic exercise, so let’s focus on this.

Even though running seems quite simple, there are few steps you need to take in order to avoid any possible injury. So pay close attention to these next few tips because we wouldn’t want that Exercise Program for Weight Loss to end early because of a silly injury.

Tips when running on your Exercise Program for Weight Loss

>> Land correctly- Land midfoot instead of landing on your toes or heels. Landing on your toes will cause your calves to fatigue faster and could cause shin splints. Landing on your heels causes stress on your knees.

>> Don’t overstride or bounce- Make sure your feet land under your center of gravity and not ahead of it. It is also important to not bounce. Keep your stride low to the ground and take light steps. Doing so will reduce the shock you absorb when landing and reduce fatigue.

>> Fix your posture- Keep your posture straight (head up, back straight, and shoulders leveled). Be sure not to slump over and pay attention to your shoulder level. As you begin to fatigue, it is common for your shoulders to start riding up which can cause neck soreness.

>> Arm rotation- Your arms should be swing from your shoulder joint, not your elbow.

>> Keep hands relaxed and at waist level- Your arms should be bent 90 degrees and kept at waist level. As you begin to fatigue it is common for your hands to start riding up to your chest. This causes tension on your shoulders and neck.

>> Look ahead- Don’t look at your feet when you are running. Look forward and have your feet point forward as you run.

>> Improve your cadence- Cadence is the number of strides you take per minute. You want to try and increase this number. (180 is optimal) A slow cadence leads to longer strides which makes each footfall harder. Over time the shock absorbed from landing like this can cause injuries to the feet, knees, and/or hips.

Exercise Program for Weight Loss- Incline intervals

A personal trainer can help your running form and give you a good workout. #inclineintervals

Pay attention to these things the next time you are running because it can save you from aches and pains later! If you have any questions about running or an Exercise Program for Weight Loss; give us a call at 770-277-8741.


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