Picking the right cardio class can be tough. Chances are that you are getting bored of your regular cardio routine and are looking to try something new and fresh. But let’s not be too hasty when it comes to picking a class. You have to be sure to pick the right one for you so that you don’t end up going to a class that you don’t enjoy.

Well, lucky for you, we have compiled a list that will hopefully help you find the right kickboxing class.

Cardio Kickboxing

8 things to consider when choosing a Cardio Kickboxing Program:

1. Goals – What are you trying to achieve? Cardio Kickboxing is a fast paced cardio intensive workout.  If you are trying to gain muscle mass, this is probably not the class for you.  However, if you’re goal is to shred fat and get mean and lean this is the class the for you.

2. Qualification of Instructor – Many places have a karate instructor that knows very little about kickboxing or fitness.  Gentry’s has experienced kickboxers that are also certified personal trainers.

3. Equipment – To get the best results from a kickboxing class, you’ll need to get the resistance that comes with a heavy hanging bag.  A sand filled independently standing bag simply will not do. Some additional equipment used in Gentry’s MMA and Fitness kickboxing classes are hand pads and bands.

4.Schedule- Make sure that the gym’s schedule works with your schedule. There is no point in signing up for a program if you can’t make it class half of the time because of personal reasons. Most gym websites have their weekly schedule posted up on their website. Our’s is posted here. Make sure that the class is convenient for you to attend.

5. Curriculum Organization – Is there an organized curriculum that the instructors use or are they teaching whatever they want, whenever they want?

6. Instructor is engaged in the class – Energy is everything in classes like this.  Is the instructor engaged and do they keep you motivated?

7.Try it out to see if you enjoy it (environment)- Most gyms offer a free trial. Take them up on their offer and try it out! If you enjoyed the program and felt comfortable in the environment then join. If not, at least you got a free workout.

8. What are other people saying?  Take a look at online reviews and ask what other members think when you’re there trying out the class.

Hopefully now choosing a kickboxing program won’t be as difficult. The key is to just give them a try. You’ll never know if you don’t enjoy a class if you don’t try it! If you would like more information on our Kickboxing Program or would like to try a free trial class; feel free to call 770-277-8741. We look forward to seeing you!

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