Kill Cliff Recovery Drink Review

Need something to drink after a strenuous workout? Sipping on a nice, cool Gatorade or energy drink probably sounds refreshing. But what if you can’t afford to consume all those needless calories? Well that’s where Kill Cliff Recovery drinks come in handy.

Kill Cliff Pros and Cons

But first….what is Kill Cliff?

It is a recovery drink has become extremely popular within the Fitness community. It became so popular that the company went on to sponsor fitness Games. Now that’s impressive!

Kill Cliff was developed by a former U.S. Navy Seal who wanted to create a drink that not only helps with replenishing nutrients, but also with the recovery process. And he didn’t just stop there, he made sure to leave out all the extra junk that you usually see in sports drinks, and use only the most high-quality ingredients.

Now here is a review of Kill Cliff Recovery Drinks

>>Ingredients- In the ingredient list on the can of Kill Cliff, you will see that the only ingredients that do not aid in the recovery process, are the ones that add color and flavor. The rest of the ingredients serve the purpose of replenishing nutrients and aiding in the recovery process.

Here is a list of some ingredients/nutrients and how they benefit your body-

Milk thistle, ginger root extract, and ginseng root powder are used in Kill Cliff drinks mainly for their anti-inflammatory benefits (relieving joint pain and muscle soreness; which is perfect for after a workout), but each have their own individual health benefits.

B, C, and E Vitamins all help recovery in some way. Vitamin B helps convert food into fuel, Vitamin C helps protect the immune system, and Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant.

The enzyme blend also has anti-inflammatory benefits, anti-oxidant properties, and serves as an aid in digestion.

Electrolytes help you re-hydrate after strenuous exercise.

Taurine helps sports performance and recovery.

>>Sugar content- There is none! Yep, there is no sugar in these drinks, so no need to worry about your blood sugar spiking. It is naturally sweetened with stevia in the Pomegranate/watermelon and Lemon-Lime drinks. Each of the drinks also contains natural erythritol, a no calorie sweetener with none of the side effects usually linked with artificial sweeteners.

>>Calories-  A 12 fl oz Kill Cliff recovery drink has ONLY 15 calories! A typical 12 oz. soda or energy drink has about 140-150 calories. That’s about 10x less the amount of calories. No need to feel guilty when drinking Kill Cliff; just enjoy the taste of awesomeness.

>>Caffeine content- Kill Cliff is a recovery drink, not an “energy” drink. It does have caffeine in it, but not much as much as you would think. It should be enough to give you a little boost after your workout without the “crash” feeling that we all hate.  Here is a caffeine comparison:

Kill Cliff drink- 25 mg of caffeine in 12 fl ounces

Coke- 24 mg of caffeine in 12 fl ounces

Monster Energy- 120 mg of caffeine in 12 fl ounces

Red Bull- 113 mg of caffeine in 12 fl ounces

Coffee- 144 mg of caffeine in 12 fl ounces

It doesn’t contain a significant amount of caffeine, but if you are sensitive to caffeine, you may want to reconsider drinking it at night.

>>Flavors and Taste- It is sometimes hard to find a good tasting product that is also healthy for you, but the Kill Cliff company has done a great job. The product tastes great. There are 3 different flavors (Pomegranate Watermelon, Lemon-Lime, Blood Orange) and they have the same fizzy taste that most sodas and energy drinks do, but with 1/10 the calories.

As you can see, Kill Cliff is a pretty high-quality drink. It is really no surprise considering the ingredients that they use. All of these ingredients work together to make a healthy and delicious drink. Go ahead and grab yourself a refreshing post workout Kill Cliff here at Gentry’s!

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