Hitting the heavy bag in a Muay Thai or Cardio Kickboxing class can take a pretty big toll on your hands if you aren’t wrapping them. You may be thinking, “I ain’t no sissy! I don’t need hand wraps. I can endure some skin tearing off my knuckles.” Well you’d be surprised to know the main purpose for using hand wraps.

Their main purpose is to keep all the tissues and bones in your hands compressed. Having the bones and tissues compressed will help absorb the shock felt throughout the hand when you hit something. Without hand wraps, you are at risk for breaking the small bones within your hands. And if your bones don’t break, they will begin to ache over time because of the lack of protection.

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So that is the main purpose of using hand wraps. But they serve other purposes that are also very important.

Imagine punching a heavy bag. Now imagine punching the same heavy bag but with your wrist tilted down. That’s a perfect recipe for a sprained or broken wrist. Having your hands wrapped supports your wrist and keeps it aligned at the point of impact which will prevent wrist injuries. Another thing that hand wraps do is support the thumb, which prevents the thumb from getting sprained or fractured if it strikes the wrong place.

There are two other bonuses to using hand wraps. 1. They help protect the skin on your knuckles. And 2. They help absorb the sweat coming from your hands. Absorbing the sweat will help keep your boxing gloves a little bit cleaner.

Not using hands wraps can have a range of consequences. Minor consequences include the tearing of the skin and/or smelly gloves. More serious consequences may include, but are not limited to broken bones and/or a broken wrist. Please take responsibility and wrap your hands!

If you are unsure about how to do so; please watch this short instructional video provided to us by Coach Phillipe.

Come out and try out our Muay Thai and Cardio Kickboxing classes. And don’t worry, we provide affordable wraps for you at the gym, so just come out a few minutes early and wrap your hands before class!

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