Today’s blog is about one of our very own coaches, Eddie Walker. Eddie is married and is a father of two children. But he isn’t your typical dad…he is the Head Muay Thai coach at Gentry’s and is also a high-level competitor in Muay Thai.

Eddie Walker

How he balances being a husband and father while maintaining a job and competing at the highest level in Muay Thai is beyond me. But somehow, he does it and he does it well. His professional fight record (in Muay Thai) goes like this: 11 wins, 4 losses, and 1 draw.

That is a pretty good-looking fight record. It is even better when you take in the fact that this is his professional fight record. But Eddie isn’t the kind of guy that is content with 11 professional wins. He is working harder to add even more wins to that record of his.

Eddie has always been a hard worker. He started off as an amateur fighting in local promotions and worked his way up to the professional level. Eventually he managed to knock out one of America’s top kickboxers, Joe Schilling. That hard work is paying off because Eddie now fights for the organization Glory.

Glory is a televised Muay Thai production. It is an international kickboxing league that is full of high-level kickboxers. Glory was started in 2012 by Pierre Andurand, Total Sports Asia, and some investors after K-1 (a kickboxing organization) ran into financial trouble and was eventually sold.

Eddie has numerous awards under his belt. He was the 2012 and 2013 Georgia Fighters Muay Thai Fighter of the Year. Also his knockout of Joe Schilling is ranked the #1 North American Fighter KO by Muay Thai Authority.

And fun-fact- His favorite movie is Frozen. If you want some more info on Eddie, check out the Team Leaders page. We are lucky to have Eddie as one of our coaches. He keeps bettering our fighters and our students while he betters himself as a coach.

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