Ah, it’s that time of the year again. Turkey day is hours away and Christmas is just around the corner. It can be hard to stay healthy around this time of year, especially when there is a bunch of food just waiting to be gobbled up.

But staying healthy during the holidays does not mean that you have to eat salads, chicken breasts, and brown rice all day while your family eats all the turkey, mashed potatoes, baked beans, and pie. Go ahead and eat your favorite foods, snack on your favorite pastries, and drink your favorite drinks (please drink responsibly).

After all the hard work you’ve put into the gym, you deserve to enjoy yourself during the holidays. Just make sure that you devour your favorite foods in moderation. Don’t over-eat and drink a whole gallon of eggnog. Moderation is key. You don’t want to eat and drink away all the progress you’ve made in the past few weeks.

Here are 3 tips if you are worried about getting too carried away with your eating-

  1. Drink an adequate amount of water. Being dehydrated can make the human body think that it is hungry. Drink a glass of water before you eat. It will make you feel full so that you’ll eat less.
  2. Choose your snacks wisely. A pastry or two might not seem like much, but they sure do add up. Substitute some desserts with fruit. Instead of having 2 cookies, have one cookie and a banana.
  3. Eat vegetables with your meal. The vegetables will make you feel fuller without adding on a great deal of calories.

Try to do something active during the day, whether it be first thing in the morning or while you wait for the turkey to finish. If you can’t fit in some light cardio in the morning, then do something active during the day.

Horse around with some of the neighborhood kids. (They’ll definitely be active) Or maybe you could play a game of football outside. Just find a few calorie-burning activities (push-ups, jumping-jacks, burpees) to do during the day so that you’re not completely sedentary.

So there you have it. Eat your favorite foods in moderation and do something active during the day. And most importantly, have fun with your friends and family! Have a happy Thanksgiving!

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