CrossFit is a circuit training class that is designed to improve physical conditioning, speed, agility, and power. The great thing about this class is that it is led by one of our personal trainers. The instructor will make sure that members are up to speed on the exercises being done in the class. That way, new members won’t be completely confused during their first workout.

The exercises performed in CrossFit vary from workout to workout in order to ensure that your muscles are constantly challenged. This helps promote the growth of lean muscle that you can show off at the beach in the next few months. However, this class isn’t just meant to help you build muscle. It designed to do many more things!

CrossFit is a great way to blast away that holiday weight gain. An hour of circuit training burns about 400 calories for the average female and 550 calories for the average male. To put that into perspective, 1 pound of fat contains 3500 calories. The muscle you gain will also aid in calorie burning. At rest, muscle burns more calories than fat does.

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Athletes find this class to be very useful too. Most athletes know that physical conditioning can make a huge difference. It can be the determining factor in a win or a loss. If you’re looking to improve sports performance, check out a class. This type of training provides you with speed, agility, power, and endurance that is transferable in many different sports.

The endurance you get in CrossFit classes can help outside of sports too. After taking a few classes, walking up a flight of stairs will be piece of cake. Ideally, you’ll find yourself getting less tired while doing everyday tasks. This is due to the nature of circuit training. Over time, the body becomes better at utilizing its oxygen usage, which maximizes the amount of energy the body is able to produce.

You don’t need any prior experience to get started. That’s why we have a personal trainer as the instructor. Having a knowledgeable instructor is helpful when it comes to fixing bad form and providing extra motivation. Working out correctly and pushing yourself to do your best is the best way to get the results you desire.

Get ahead of the curve and come check out a free trial CrossFit class! This is the first step to getting that rockin’ summer body. Here is a link to our schedule. If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 770-277-8741. We look forward to seeing you!

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