AdvoCare Challenge- What to Expect in Phase 1

Many people have taken the 24 Day Challenge at the gym and are very pleased with the results so far. If you don’t know, the 24 Day Challenge is a supplementation and nutrition program by AdvoCare. The main goal of this challenge is to improve your overall health through quality supplementation and good nutrition.

AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge UpdateThis challenge is split up into two phases. You will be given a nutrition guideline and the supplements for the next 24 days. However, today the main focus is will be first ten days of the challenge, Phase 1 (also known as the Cleanse Phase).  If you’re just getting started, this is what you should expect from the Cleanse Phase-

The purpose of the Cleanse Phase is to give your body a “fresh start”. During these ten days, you will be taking three different supplements that will help you get rid of wastes and toxins from your body. Getting rid of these toxins prepare your body for optimal nutrient absorption (Phase 2), which is essential to maintaining a healthy body.

Supplements used in the Cleanse Phase-

>>Herbal Cleanse-  Herbal Cleanse comes in three parts: Herbal Cleanse Caplets, Fiber Drink, and Probiotic Restore. These three things aid the body in the detoxification process. They also aid in digestion and the absorption of nutrients. Over the next ten days, you should be feeling better and better due to the removal of toxins and optimal absorption of nutrients.

>>OmegaPlex- This supplement consists of a high-quality blend of omega-3 fatty acids. The human body cannot make omega-3 fatty acids. It must obtain these fatty acids from outside sources, such as food or supplements. The omega-3 fatty acids are essential for bone, immune, and skin health.

>>AdvoCare Spark- Spark is an energy drink mix that consists of more than 20 vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. As the name suggests, Spark is a supplement that is meant to rev up your energy levels and mental focus. The ingredients work together in a way that will give you sustained energy without any of the jittery feelings you may get from other energy drinks. Oh, and did I mention that it is SUGAR FREE?! That’s right, there are no empty calories from this energy drink mix.

So how do you get started with Phase 1? Well, it’s easy. Get in touch with anyone at the front desk of Gentry’s and they’ll hook you up! If you have any questions about the Phase 1 or if you want to get started, feel free to call us at 770-277-8741.

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