Not Your Average Workout!

Doing traditional cardio/weightlifting is better than doing no exercise at all, however it can get boring after awhile. Heck, it can get so dull that most gyms have miniature TV’s installed into their cardio equipment just to help people get through their cardio sessions.

Some people don’t mind this at all, and that’s fine. But a majority of people would probably prefer to workout in a way that is fun and energetic. Well, that’s just what our CrossFit class offers. You’ll be able to scorch fat and build lean muscle at the same time in a fun and exciting way. Think about it…the more you enjoy a workout, the more likely you are to stick to it!

Instead of running on a treadmill or doing “3 sets of 8” over and over again, you’ll be engaged in a group environment and doing many different exercises that will help build muscle and burn calories. Here are some of the exercises you might be doing in the CrossFit class. Ex) Kettlebell swings, rows, sled pushes, box jumps, squats, deadlifts, push ups, pull ups, etc.

Not Your Average Workout

There are many different exercises that can be done and each have many different variations.It is hard to stick to a routine if it gets old or boring. So to prevent things from getting stale, CrossFit workouts vary. (Meaning that they continuously change over time.)

But the results will be the same. CrossFit can help you burn fat, build muscle, gain endurance, gain flexibility, and most importantly develop functional fitness. Functional fitness is what it sounds like. The strength, speed, and agility developed in CrossFit is transferable to everyday activities/sports such as lifting furniture, doing yard work, running, playing basketball, etc.

Running on a treadmill or doing the traditional “3 sets of 8” may allow you to look fit, but it won’t give you the functional fitness that CrossFit does. The CrossFit training style is a great and fun way to build muscle, burn fat, and increase functional fitness all at the same time. Not only will you look fit, you’ll be able to show it too! If you have any questions about our CrossFit program, feel free to call us at 770-277-8741.

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