Coach’s Highlight- Christopher Crowder

Christopher Crowder is one the talented CrossFit coaches here at CrossFit Orange Groove. If you take any of the CrossFit classes, you probably already know him. If not, then here is a little background info on him.

He was born in Richmond, VA and is married with one daughter. (Sorry ladies)  His favorite sport to watch? Weightlifting, of course! And his three favorite exercises to do are clean and jerks, pull-ups, and the snatch.

He is no amateur when it comes to working out. He tried his first Crossfit class in 2008 and has been doing it regularly since 2010. He has also competed in CrossFit competitions with a team. Originally, he had no intention of becoming a coach. But as you can see, he obviously changed his mind.

He received his CrossFit level 1 certification in 2011 and has been coaching ever since. He averages around 5-10 classes per week. He currently holds a level 2 coach certificate and is working to get his level 3 certificate. His favorite thing about being a coach is “working with people and seeing them grow and be more confident.”

Here is Christopher Crowder coaching one of our members.

Here is Christopher Crowder coaching one of our members.

Since Crowder has plenty of experience with CrossFit, I wanted to ask him of his opinion on CrossFit and injuries. Here is his response.

Q: Many people associate Crossfit with injuries, do you think this holds any truth? How can a person go about minimizing their risk for injury while doing Crossfit (or any physical activity for that matter?)

A: “Absolutely, in that many people have had some pretty crappy experiences with bad coaches or programming and these are some of my favorite people to work with.  I love getting the opportunity to show people what Crossfit was meant to be and how safe it is.

Crossfit is infinitely scalable so even if you think its too hard for you or that you may not be in ‘shape enough’ to make it through a workout, please come and see how it truly is for everyone. Find a good coach, and listen to them.”   

If you’re still “iffy” about CrossFit, come give it a try. There is nothing to worry about since you’ll be under the supervision of either Christopher Crowder or one of our other qualified Crossfit coaches. If you have any questions about the Crossfit program, please give us a call at 770-277-8741.

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