Children Martial Arts

Children Martial Arts in Buford GA

When considering Martial Arts for your child the biggest question that you need to ask yourself is why? If your answer is:

  • I did martial arts when I grew up or all of my friends have their kids in Children Martial Arts, then any old Karate or Tae Kwon Do School will work.
  • If you want your child to get a black belt in 2 years, then any old Karate or Tae Kwon Do School will work.
  • If you honestly think punching the air and breaking boards will teach your child how to defend themselves when confronted by a bully, then by all means take them to any old Karate or Tae Kwon Do School.

However, if you want your child to grow into a healthy and strong individual that can truly defend themselves, Gentry’s is the place for you.

Why is Gentry’s Children Martial Arts better than all the other Martial Arts schools in Buford GA?

  • Gentry’s Children Martial Arts Program is based in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has proven itself to be the most effective martial art in the world.  It did this by accepting live no rules challenges from all other Martial Arts styles in the world and continuously came out victorious 100% of the time. Over the past 20 years BJJ has developed into a sport and has a massive following.
  • We have an organized curriculum that teaches your child the self-defense aspect of the Martial Art along with how to effectively compete in the sport should they choose to do so.  As with all sports, competing teaches your child how to work hard to win and be a good sport if they lose.
  • Our program recognizes true accomplishments based on your child’s increasing knowledge within the Martial Art by awarding stripes and belts.  However, BJJ is a real Martial Art that views the Black Belt in the highest regard.  The Black Belt is reserved for adults 19 years old or older that have dedicated an average of 10 years to the sport.  As mentioned previously your child will be recognized for real accomplishments but, we are not a belt factory like many Karate and Tae Kwon Do studios.
  • Because, of the sport aspect of the Children Martial Arts Program here at Gentry’s, we are focused on your child’s strength, endurance and overall health.  Push Ups, Squats, Burpees, Sit Ups and the like are a regular part of our training program.
  • If your child uses Karate or Tae Kwon Do in school even if they didn’t “start it”, they will get suspended.  However, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a NON-striking art that uses join manipulation and holds to subdue their opponent.  Gwinnett county will not punish a child that defends him/herself using BJJ.

The best part is we offer a 1 day trial, where you and your child can try out the program that suits them best.  There is no catch or hook.  Just come try us out.  We are confident we can make a difference in your child’s life through our Children Martial Arts Program.

All Children Martial Arts Classes at Gentry’s MMA & Fitness are taught by high level Adult Competitors who understand what it takes to win. Your child will have the opportunity to meet and hang out with mentors that are “doing it right” in Martial Arts and life in general.

The focus at Gentry’s MMA & Fitness is to create strong, healthy and technically sound students in fun, safe and ego free environment.

We are so confident that you’re child is going to love training with us, that we offer a Free Trial Class to make sure the class is a good fit for your child!

To take advantage of our offer, call now – 770.277.8741

If you’re still unsure, get a copy of our free report by Clicking Here