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Get your year started right with Gentry’s Group Personal Training Class – Straight Blast CrossFit

CrossFit is a Group Fitness Class taught by one of our top notch Personal Trainers in Buford GA. At CrossFit Orange Groove, you will torch fat, develop lean muscle and improve your overall health.  In each class, our personal trainer will take you through a series of circuits designed to workout your entire body.

Why do you call it Group Personal Training?

In most group fitness classes, the instructor stands at the front of the room and yells out instructions like seen in many-ah infomercial.  If the person taking the class, gets it and can keep up, they’ll probably get a pretty good workout.  If not, they’ll most likely end up flailing around in complete confusion until the class is over.

It’s not like that at all at Gentry’s.  Instead, all of our classes have a max of 20 members in them and our Personal Trainers take the time to work with every new member catching them up to speed, ensuring that they get the most from their workout with injuries.

Having a Personal Trainer in Buford working with you individually a few times a week will cost you somewhere between $700 and $1,000 a month.  Is it worth it?  I think so.  Over the years I’ve seen thousands of people running on the treadmill for hours only to get mediocre results at best.  Or worse yet, the people in the weight room lifting with no rhyme or reason, frequently doing the lift wrong and therefore risking injury.

The truth is having a trainer is extremely important but, not everyone wants to spend that much money every month to get the results they’re looking for.  That’s where Group Personal Training comes in.  For a fraction of the price, anyone can get the same results they would get from a Personal Trainer in our CrossFit Class.

How do I get started?

To get started in our Group Personal Training Class at Straight Blast CrossFit you have 2 options:

  • You can call 770-277-8741 and talk to one of our Member Consultants who will walk you through the process.  or
  • You can put your information in the box to the right and one of our Member Consultants will call you.  Additionally, you will get tips on how to get and stay fit in 2014!!!

After your Free Trial we have numerous membership programs designed to work best with our clients.

To take advantage of our offer, call now  – 770.277.8741